About us

Damara Gold Pvt. Ltd. is an India based leading manufacturer of gold jewellery. Specializing in internationally recognized quality machine made gold bangles and jewellery.

Jagdish Pahuja the director of DAMARA GOLD PVT LTD is the brain behind all DG brands and collections. Rajil and Monil, both directors look after the manufacturing and management activities of the business and aspire to expand their brand presence across India.

The PAHUJA's are a family of pioneering artists who have been dedicating their creativity to the craft of jewellery sculpting. Many a generation have kept the flame of creativity that burns inside their hearts, be it designing and sculpting for royalty in yester years, or conceptualizing everyday wear jewellery that appels to one and all. Its the approach to their craft that has not been ravaged by today's commercialized world of art. For them success is not just meased by profits and losses an dinstitutional certifications, for them success is when their passion and dedication achieves forms that do justice to their very inspiration "WOMAN".

Bringing together the owner's skills and experience with a team of highly skilled and internationally trained craftsmen, designers and visualizers, DAMARA GOLD PVT LTD merges a scientific approach and artistic excellence, to make their creations truly complete just like their inspiration - the Woman.

Damara give classic gold jewellery a contemporary twist and a trendy look, reflected in omote heavy solid gold, stone studded bangles befitting a bride or the light weight everyday casual thin or medium weight bangle, it is versatile in its look and use. With curvaceaous lines to intriguing geometrical cuts to groovy curves and sharp delicate lines, Damara's sensuous bangles are classic, modern, trendy and suit all age groups and cultrual influences.

Chic, stunning, alluring, graceful and glamourous, Damara is a must have in every woman's wordrobe.